At Last... Not Just Another Points Club!

  • No More Points To Worry About • No More Waiting For Rebates
  • No More Having To Dig For Your Members Card At Every Purchase
  • No More Relentless Emails Bribing You To Make A Purchase

If you’re like me, you are sick-and-tired of having to participate in so-called frequent buyers programs that never seem to reward you – if by chance you find a frequent buyers program that actually follows through, they often don’t reward you enough.

Tired of being fished along... Just lured in enough until you finally play out?

You either jump off by snapping the line, your connection with the program, or you just play long enough wondering where this is really going to take you. Hoping and hoping it will be worth your trouble.

This is precisely what prompted the idea of launching our one-of-kind VIP Smart Shopper Club™.

A premier club so jam packed with membership privileges you’ll wonder; what’s the catch.

The VIP Smart Shopper Club Objective Is…

“You’ll Leave Scratching Your Head,

Wondering How Can We Possibly Do All This For YOU

and Still Be In Business? How Is This Possible?”

We’ve developed this website as a two way communication destination for our loyal customers to interact with us so that we can possibly come up with a way to help solve your problems either with current information, money saving opportunities or with plain old fun loving experiences.

This can only be accomplished with a joint effort, an assembly of a team of professional people who have one purpose in mind… keeping you our loyal customer more than just happy, excited, wondering what will be next and share experiences you’ll be overjoyed with. All this said, “I can guarantee you that I will with all the power within me try to bring you a premiere program unlike anything you’ve ever participated in before.”

You’ve shown your confidence in us by becoming your retailer of choice and we fully understand that you have choices in which you can do business with. The next step is for us to earn that confidence so it goes beyond just being another retail owner that takes your money to Mexico.

We also recognize that like in any business there are certain customers who more than pull their weight in supporting us on a loyalty basis. It is with this understanding we want to recognize our best clients and allow them the opportunity to gain VIP Privileges.

VIP Privileges:

  • Unadvertised Members Only Free Merchandise
  • Unadvertised Members Only Exclusive Information
  • Unadvertised Members Only Special Opportunities
  • And much, much, more...

For now, I welcome you to snoop around our website and learn as much as you can. Let me be first to thank you for joining, if you desire to participate with us, in what will certainly be a wonderful experience for all of us in the VIP Smart Shopper Club™.